All about wine – interview with Randi Glazer

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Randi Glazer, a lifetime Long Islander, has been intrigued by wines for over 10 years. When not tasting wine, Randi Glazer is a professional with many years of experience in domestic and international underwriting for admitted and non-admitted Property, and Inland Marine risks. We have conducted an interview with her.


When were you first intrigued by wines?

I’ve always had at least a passing interest in wine, but it was only a few years ago that I began to develop a deeper appreciation for all that goes into making a truly remarkable wine. As I began to learn more and more about the process and all the considerations a winemaker must take into account, I found that I began to experience a greater degree of enjoyment in tasting and, eventually, making wine myself. Obviously, being in such close proximity to a region so well known for winemaking certainly played a fairly significant role in piquing my interest in wine and winemaking.


Which is your favorite wine?

It is so difficult to identify just one as a favorite when I have experienced so many wonderful wines over the years, but, if I must choose one, it would most likely be the Cabernet Sauvignon made by Harlan Estate. Perhaps it is due to the time spent in Northern California and Napa Valley in particular, but there are few — if there are indeed any at all — Cabernet Sauvignons capable of matching the profoundly delightful Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Harlan Estate.


How much did the sights while driving along the rolling cliffs on coastal route US 1 changed your initial view about wine?

The area in which the wine is produced has a profound impact on the overall quality of the wine, and there was something about the coastal vistas of US 1 that inspired a deep curiosity about wine and winemaking within me. I’ve always looked forward to any trip that involved heading up or down California’s jagged coastline, and I am now quite glad to have the ability to pass through wine country as a part of each trip. This has only added to the anticipation I feel when heading north up US 1 — the coastal views come first, and then I begin to look for the vineyards that are sure to follow shortly thereafter.


Which are the books you have written?

Drawing on my many years of experience in business, I wrote “Randi Glazer’s 12 Strategies for Surviving a Career in the Business World.” While writing the book, I tried to provide readers with all the advice I would liked to have been exposed to when I first entered the business world and detailed all of the strategies I utilized as both an employee and an employer.


Where do you consider are the best 5 travel destinations?

Based on my own personal preferences, I believe the five best travel destinations are as follows:

  1. Northern California, especially Napa, Sonoma, Big Sur, Monterey, and San Rafael
  2. Long Island’s East End
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. Bordeaux, France
  5. The Lavaux region of Switzerland (the wine here is so delightful that there is rarely anything left to export).