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All about wine – interview with Randi Glazer

This originally appeared online at thecrazymind.com.  You can read it here.     Randi Glazer, a lifetime Long Islander, has been intrigued by wines for over 10 years. When not tasting wine, Randi Glazer is a professional with many years of experience in domestic and international underwriting for admitted and non-admitted Property, and Inland Marine risks. We have conducted an… Read more →


A Rosé Grows in Springtime

The spring is here and that means there’s a new catalogue of wines and spirits to be explored. In with the new and out with the old — and that means saying goodbye to the heavier, warmer, full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, and welcoming in lighter, crisper wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, and sweeter,… Read more →

Wine Heart

Could Drinking Wine Be a New Form of Exercising?

The research center at the University of Alberta in Canada has found that drinking red wine is better than going to the gym. Along with his other colleagues, Jason Dyck, believes that grapes contain a special and complicated factor called resveratrol, which is found to improve bodily functions of the heart, muscles and bones. These functions are also achieved when… Read more →

Wine Bottles

Advertising Regulations On Alcoholic Beverages

In the last few years France has taken a strong stance regarding their advertising regulations,  and is holding companies accountable for maintaining complete honesty throughout their campaigns. Alcohol consumption is among the regulated fields in which the encouragement of “excessive and customary” alcohol drinking is prohibited. Non- compliance from companies means thousands of dollars in fines and even prison time.… Read more →

How wine is made

How is Wine Made?

Wine production and distribution has changed dramatically the last few decades. Although the grape selection and fermentation processes still remain the same, the introduction of new technology has made wine manufacturing easier. The old wine making customs are now easier to manipulate and modify in order to produce wine in a more efficient manner, as well as manufacture drink that… Read more →

Wine and cheese

Basic Rules to Successfully Pairing Wine to Food

There are a few rules one can follow in order to pair food and wine so they can enhance each other’s properties and contribute to great meal. The majority of  time, wine and food do not affect one another that much, which is why experimenting a little will make for a fun meal experience and spice up dinner in a… Read more →