Basic Rules to Successfully Pairing Wine to Food

Wine and cheeseThere are a few rules one can follow in order to pair food and wine so they can enhance each other’s properties and contribute to great meal. The majority of  time, wine and food do not affect one another that much, which is why experimenting a little will make for a fun meal experience and spice up dinner in a different way. 

One rule that never seems to fail is pairing the wine to the most distinguished element in your meal. For many people this can vary- it could be a sauce that dominates the dish, an ingredient that is consistent in every plate, or the usual staple proteins such as, meat or fish. Sommeliers suggest that a heavier dish should be complemented with a full bodied wine that is high in alcohol content. That way the heavy dish does not overpower the wine, or vice versa. This rule of thumb is also important when considering the  age of the wine you are serving. For example, an amazing vintage wine yo have been saving for a while should never be upstaged by a heavy content dish.  The meal can take away from  the flavors and rich elements the wine.

The acidity of the wine is another component that can goes nicely when cooking  with fatty ingredients. Wines that are rich in acidity react to fatty foods the same way lemon does to a when we use it to refresh a rich salmon dish. Acidic wines help cut though the fatty particles of the meal, and can clean the palate after consuming rich dishes. These wines are very popular in Italy, a place known for their over usage of olive oil.

Salty foods can also be challenging when conjuring up a wine combination, but not too worry there’s an easy fix for this. Wines that contain earthy properties and a hint of sweetness go well with salty meals. A well known combination in this category is the pairing of Blue Cheese and a wine called Sauternes. Sparkling wines also work well with sea foods that have a high salt content- such as oysters and Rose. No wonder Rose season is a favorite among seafood lovers! The acidity and sweetness in the wine balances the rich flavors left behind from these meals, which are able to cleanse the palate and get rid of the salty taste.